I have always been interested in expressing myself artistically. I realized early on that I did not have the necessary skills of taking what I saw and visualized and put it on paper, canvas, wood, or any material to capture a mood or event using anything other than photography.

I struggled a while with art classes. I knew what I wanted to do but could not quite pull it off. After many discussions with my instructor who said I had a keen eye for composure and lighting, but needed to be developed, asked me to take a look at the works of Ansel Adams. I did and that is when the “bug” took a hold of me to develop my photographic skills.

I enlisted in the U. S. Army as a Combat Surveillance Photographic Equipment Repairman. I did a tour in Vietnam and finished out my enlistment then returned to the job I had prior to enlisting. I eventually retired from that company.

Formally I attended Harford Community College, Maryland and Maryland Institute of the Arts majoring in photography and Towson University majoring in computer science. I had to make a choice while I was at Maryland Institute, to pursue photography or Towson University and pursue computer science. I chose to get my Bachelor of Science  Degree majoring in Computer Science where a good and better income was provided.

Aside from my regular job I joined the Maryland Army National Guard (MDARNG) as a photographer in the public affairs detachment. While in the MDARNG I was able to slowly continue my education in photography. I met many people that were photojournalist, photo directors and I was able to make good friends in the photographic industry. I was able to do internships along with freelance work as a photographer. I retired from the Army after a very good career.

I learned and developed my craft that I am continuing now that I am officially retired from everything else.

I want to make RJ Reichl Photography a top notch business that can deliver great photography for any project (personal or commercial).

Take care.

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